Saturday, April 3, 2010

Chozadate Female Escorts

Pictures at the website can be very deceiving. Three of the girls that I have met were just terrible looking!
I picked up Chelsea from Eastwood who claimed that she's single with no kids. She came 2 hours late. Most disappointing was the fact is that this lady has a long Caesarian cut on her navel. Lady must be 28 years old and used an old photo. Those large boobs actually sagged down to her knees.

Carla and Janna likewise used an old photo. These ladies are probably in their late 20s already. Guys be very careful. We sure do not mind spending money on these women as long as we are not being deceived.


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  3. im one of their girls before.. buti na lang nawala na pic ko dun at lagot ako s asawa ko.. hahahah.. My name there is Lyka, then naging Irish.. paiba iba kc ako ng name... but now hindi n ako ksama dun dhil new life n ako and may fmily n rin ako.. :) magaganda mga girls dun,, pro may iba kc photogenic tlga,,, kaya yung mga mggnda in person, nsasapawan ng photogenic... if i wer u guys,, tgnan nyo ung pic ng girl n simple lng ang make up.. un lang suggestion ko.. :) goodluck guys and enjoy...

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  5. @ vanessa musca: pakitulungan mo naman ako makahanap ng escort na artistahin talaga ang looks. im serious vanessa. give me links, give contact numbers, email address, blog sites, fb account.. all ways para makita ko ang gusto ko. im going to manila for vacation and i want to have a companion even just for a day. but i want it the very best..

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