Friday, October 5, 2012

Chozadate - Bianca

Had the chance to go out with Bianca last Wed. I am just so curious why this lady gets to be paid an unbelievable sum of 15k. After haggling with Benz, he agreed to lower it to 10k. Anyway, the deed is nothing but just standard. Not even PSE GFE experience. If there is one unique thing about Bianca is that she is a good conversationalist, oh well we don't need it here guys but she revealed that the reason Benz rates her so high is that she's his favorite. Benz gets to bang his escorts, the mestizas regularly i.e., before he releases them all to the main stream.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Finally had the chance to become a member of PSP! Nice... young and very pricey girls. It's all worth it by the way *-)

Chozadate - Marga

Marga : Sept 30

Met Marga earlier in Manila and I was surprised and disappointed to see her at first. Pics at the site can really be very deceiving. She wasn't mestiza looking but rather the chinita-type. Skinny at first but when she undressed, boy how impressive are the racks and body this ladyhave. Pang banatan talaga. My impression totally changed. Face wasn't that really good but the performance is truly fantastic.  All the previous feedbacks and the ones written on the secret page are indeed accurate - 69, cim, etc. I really made her work for the 8k I paid her. Mahal but sulit ito mga boss. Will surely get her again.

Monday, April 26, 2010


Guys beware. Brilliant isn't brilliant at all when you meet her. Navel has a c section mark. Very disappointing.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


this is a jackpot!!! kate another escort whom i met through chozadate introduced me to her friend - name is Patricia and she looks like a billboard girl. super sexy, 21 young and boy she sure tastes so sweeeet down there. this gal definitely will be my favorite of the monthssss.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Chozadate Female Escorts

Pictures at the website can be very deceiving. Three of the girls that I have met were just terrible looking!
I picked up Chelsea from Eastwood who claimed that she's single with no kids. She came 2 hours late. Most disappointing was the fact is that this lady has a long Caesarian cut on her navel. Lady must be 28 years old and used an old photo. Those large boobs actually sagged down to her knees.

Carla and Janna likewise used an old photo. These ladies are probably in their late 20s already. Guys be very careful. We sure do not mind spending money on these women as long as we are not being deceived.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Chozadate Female Escorts

I have been trying to look for feedbacks regarding one of the most active female escort services in the country - Chozadate ( ). It has a sister firm which offers the same service to sexually active men like me - Hotnsexygurlz ( The owner is of these 2 sites is a person by the name of Benz who charges an average of Php 5,000.00 for three (3) hours for each transaction. The guy gets probably Php 2,000.00 out of the deal.

I started availing services from Chozadate since 2007. Since then, I must have taken out probably around 20 of their female escorts. Unfortunately not all of our transaction went smoothly, mainly because the pictures shown in the site were not true and yes not to date. Benz just has no way of checking if the pictures that he posted were indeed correct. Those girls would just send their photos through email or mms anyways.

Here are some of the experience from the young lasses there that I'd like to share :

1. Pinky - lady is gifted with big boobs. She is indeed 20 years old but really fat in person. Talks a lot really. Benz charged Php 5.5k for 3 hours. I was probably the 4th who took her out ( accdg to her ie ). She is a bit on the heavy side. No wonder the pics she posted were blurry.

2. Kat ( from hotnsezygulrz ) - lady parties a lot and spends much of her dough on it. I got her for almost 6x already and it was just fantastic sex all the way. I would recommend that you always have protection while having sex because this lady really is active on it. You can never tell if she consults a doctor. We did it several times in my sperm mobile ( got an suv which i only use for this kind of deed). She charges Php 5,000.00.

3. Will post more about Cheska, Christy, and more others later.